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 red tenshi

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webmaster/horikage/tenshi clan leader/the demon of fire/commander of horizons army
webmaster/horikage/tenshi clan leader/the demon of fire/commander of horizons army

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PostSubject: red tenshi   Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:06 am

Name:red tenshi
Height:6 foot


Eyes:blood red

Personality: Red is a kind and caring person, though he doesnt talk much. for most of his life, red has been alone,seeing as his parents died when he was only 7, so this made him feel different from the other kids and secluded himself from them.he has a short temper and loves to fight. he ignores most people who talk to him, except his friends or people he knows or finds a intrest in. he is also very think headed and doesnt like to listen to orders from anyone, including athority figures or people of higher ranks than him. hes love of fighting has given him a very strong personality in that whenever there is a fight to be had, he is there no matter what, even if he will certinly lose

Background:red was born in the great village of kumogakure. as a child he was always happy, exited, and interested in learning new things. he had always wanted to become a ninja, like his parents had always been very strong and smart, so his parents believed he would go a long way . his happiness was not to last, however, because a month ofter his 7th birthday, his parents both died while out on a mission to another land. a few months after that incident, red joined the academy in hopes of becoming a great ninja, like his parents both were before him.he worked very hard and trained alot in order to be able to graduate fromt he academy.he enjoyed training his taijutsu with his neighbors after he got home aswell. he was the quiet one in the class but he listened and was one of the highest scoring graduates.
all im gonna put

Rank:kage(anbu captain)
Title:horizons blade

Bloodline:(if u are commander or above u can have two elemental control bloodlines if u wish. meaning fire nad ice manip, fire nad water manip, etc:) fire manipulation+chakra manipulation.
Element:(jounin and up start with 2)fire,lightning



Note on Comeliness: If you want a fugly (and by fugly we mean uglier than an Orc) choose anywhere from 1-2, otherwise. Your APPEARANCE must MATCH your comeliness level. DO NOT ABUSE THIS

Role Play sample: me no need rp sample O_O

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red tenshi
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